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SoCal Nationals Baseball Philosophy and Goals

The SoCal Nationals are a Christian Faith based baseball program in the Temecula Valley. Our main objective is for each player to have a positive baseball experience and as coaches, we strive to be committed to honoring God in all we do for our Nationals families.
We will accomplish this by being positive encouragers and motivators. We believe the smallest accomplishments need to be acknowledged.
We will communicate with each and every player as to what their role is on the team, what areas they need to improve, their responsibilities, and the team rules. All age groups will be taught the same fundamentals and plays, along with the same rule and responsibilities. We believe in being fair to each and every player. Equal playing time isn’t possible, but equal fairness is. Our goal, however, is that by the end of each tournament that every player has played as equally as possible.
Our number one goal is that each and every player in our program makes their high school baseball team.
We believe in teaching some of “life’s lessons” through the game of baseball. Teaching respect, responsibility, integrity, sportsmanship, commitment and a good work ethic are all part of running a disciplined sports program. Each player will represent SoCal Nationals, their family and themselves with dignity and class.
We want to provide a safe environment where they have fun, build character, learn to practice sportsmanship and develop skills and traits that help them become responsible citizens. Striving to win is an important aspect of competition and teaching kids how to compete effectively and honorably is important, but youth sports is not primarily about winning, it’s about trying to win and learning through effort and improvement.

The sooner and the more often players are involved with SoCal Nationals baseball, the easier the transition and knowledge of our philosophy, rules and what is expected of them and the better they will be prepared for their HS team.
Good study habits are best learned at a younger age. Just like developing the proper swing or throwing mechanics, study habits learned at a young age pay dividends as they enter high school. The best advice we give our players (and parents) is that there is more scholarship money in academics than there is in college baseball. College baseball gives the least amount of money that any other collegiate sport, so good grades are essential for those that want to play at the college level.

Eric Willis
Director of Baseball Operations High School Scout Teams 
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Josh Dexheimer
Director of Baseball Operations Summer Collegiante Scout Team
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Dave Dexheimer
Director of Baseball Operations SOCAL Nationals
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